Creative DIY Gardening Idea # 13: Succulent Planter
Creative DIY Gardening Idea # 12: Fluffy, Grassy Bed
Creative DIY Gardening Idea # 11: Lawn Design
How to grow moisture loving plants in dry summer

If you are living in a region where summer is long, hot and dry, growing moisture loving plants like ferns or air plants can be a bit tricky. However, there are several quick and easy ways to maintain appropriate level of humidity for your plants and keep them healthy and happy in hot and dry […]

How to make your own bird feeder!

I just came across a creative idea for a super simple and super quick bird feeder at Lowe’s website. This small DIY project costs about $28 for a pair of lovely bird feeders made form recycles tin cans. These ‘buggy’ bird feeders are a simple and quick way to attract birds and add some fun […]

Creative DIY Gardening Idea # 10: Funnel Planters

Possibly the best ever use of old funnels…