9 Creative Ideas for DIY Garden Borders

Garden Border with Used China Plates DIY Succulent Garden Border Edible Garden Border DIY Garden Border with Used Bottles Stone Garden Border Garden Border with Groundcovers DIY Garden Border with Grass Bricks Border DIY Garden Border with Steel Pipes

9 Examples of Amazing Miniature Pothole Gardens

Being an experimental gardener, I have a special interest in miniature gardens. For me it is not about lack of garden space; it is all about adding novelty and creativity to the hobby. Steve Wheen has, however, gone beyond traditional methods of miniature gardening. He has taken his miniature gardens to the potholes of London streets – […]

9 Examples of Beautiful, Small Space Gardens

Here is a list of some practical products that you can try in your balcony garden: Wall Hanger: This wall hanger has flattened metal bars which make up the entire motif of the product and give the basket a very classic, sturdy look and feel. The included coco liner prevents soil from spilling out, and […]

Lovely Garden Sofa
Lack of Garden Space?

If you believe you need a cottage garden or a lot of space to grow plants, think again!!!  

Creative DIY Gardening # 1

A perfect example of simple, creative and easy DIY project with toolbox and a couple of Aeoniums and Echeverias by pottedstore.com.