Guide to Warm-Season Grasses

Grass is just grass, right? Not hardly. If you live in southern U.S. states, you most likely have a warm-season grass for your lawn. This guide to warm-season grasses will explain why these are your best choices and detail how to keep your lawn green and healthy.  In This Guide: What Are Warm-Season Grasses? Warm-season […]

How to Test and Improve Your Soil

A great-looking lawn begins with great soil. Testing the acidity and composition of your soil is an easy process. Let’s break down why and how to test and improve your soil, as well as the soil amendments you’ll want to consider. In this article, we’ll cover: Why You Need to Test and Improve Your Soil […]

Lawn Love Review: Services, Prices, Pros and Cons

Lawn Love. Most customers absolutely love it. Our Lawn Love review looks at the lawn care company’s services, prices, customer reviews, competitors, and more to help you make a decision. But first, why is Wikilawn reviewing Lawn Love? We’re sizing up one of the big dogs in the lawn care services space to help you […]

LawnStarter Review: Reviews, Services, Prices, and Alternatives

LawnStarter has been called the Uber of lawn care, but is it legit? Short answer? Yes. Longer answer? You’ll find all you need to know in our LawnStarter review of its services, prices, customer reviews, and competitors.  Interestingly, LawnStarter’s co-founders don’t want to be likened to Uber, but that moniker has stuck in investment circles. […]

GreenPal Full Review: Reviews, Complaints, Scams, Prices

There are apps for everything, even booking lawn care. In this review, we’ll share what we learned about one of those lawn care companies, GreenPal – its services, prices, reputation, customer ratings and more. GreenPal claims to be easy, affordable, and reliable. Is it? We think not. If you’re unhappy with your service, you’re probably […]

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

Anytime you face a pest infestation, it’s a stressful situation. But when you have pests that can damage your property, that’s a whole new level of stress. Carpenter ants chew through wood in homes and yards across the country. Thankfully, we’ve got some advice on how to get rid of carpenter ants indoors and outdoors.  […]