Types of Clover Lawns

Although clover is often thought of as a weed, it belongs to the legume or pea family. Three types of clover species are common across the U.S: white clover, red clover, and strawberry clover. You’ll learn about these common clover types (and several others) below. In this article: What Is a Clover Lawn? 3 Types of […]

Pros and Cons of Clover Lawns

Think clover is just another pesky weed? People are rediscovering clover as a low-maintenance, environmentally-friendly addition to their lawns. Check out the pros and cons of a clover lawn to see if it’s a good fit for you. Pros of a Clover Lawn Cons of a Clover Lawn What is Clover and What Type Should […]

How to Get Rid of Armyworms

Armyworms can turn your lawn into their own private mess hall in no time. They travel in platoons like soldiers and can devour a golf course, playing field, or your yard in just two or three days. We will show you how to get rid of armyworms before they destroy your lawn.  In this article, […]

What is Summer Patch?

Summer patch resembles drought-stressed grass, but this lawn disease needs more than water to cure it. In this article, we’ll cover what summer patch is and how you can stop this disease from destroying your lawn.  Contents: How to Identify Summer Patch What Causes Summer Patch? What Grass Types are Most Susceptible to Summer Patch? […]

How to Mow a Lawn

Knowing how to mow a lawn properly is crucial to the health of your grass. Cutting the grass might seem self-explanatory, but there are some rules and tricks that will ensure your yard is the envy of the neighborhood. We’ve broken down the process into six steps and included some tips for specific grass types. […]

How to Install an In-Ground Lawn Sprinkler System

Learning how to install an in-ground lawn sprinkler system is nearly as easy as turning on the water. Home irrigation system kits now come with all the necessary components so you can install a multi-zone system in just two or three days.   Expect to spend around $500 for each zone, depending on the features you […]