Benefits of a French Drain

You spent a ton of money on landscaping but forgot to add a drainage system. If standing water is now causing problems, homeowners should look into a French drain. Why? Benefits of a French drain include that it prevents standing water, stops soil erosion, and protects your home’s foundation. In this article we’ll cover these […]

How to Keep Water From Pooling in Your Yard

Does your yard look more like a lake than a lawn? You could have some serious drainage issues. We’ll tell you what’s causing the problem and how to keep water from pooling in your yard. Contents: Why is Water Pooling in Your Yard? (And How to Fix It) How to Redirect Pooling Water FAQ About […]

6 Ornamental Grasses That Add Depth to Your Landscaping

The popularity of ornamental grasses is on the rise as homeowners are choosing them in droves for their The popularity of ornamental grasses is rising as more homeowners choose them for their gardens. They can be used in a garden-scape but also do well when standing alone in a yard or potted. Consider these six […]

How to Choose Pet-Safe Weed Killers

Cats and dogs are curious by nature and will sniff or lick the chemicals you spray on your lawn. That’s why you need to know how to choose pet-safe weed killers. Rather than worry about an emergency trip to the vet, we’ll tell you how to select the safest weed killers for your lawn. Contents: […]

10 Pet-Safe Weed Killers

Removing weeds by hand is time consuming, and many weed killers are dangerous to pets who come into contact with them. Here are 10 pet-safe weed killers that will squash those pesky weeds while keeping your furry friends healthy and happy. Contents: 5 Commercial Pet-Safe Weed Killers 5 DIY Pet-Safe Weed Killers Dangers Of Herbicides […]

11 Front Lawn Landscaping Ideas

Beautiful front yard landscaping creates an excellent first impression for your guests and increases your property value. Whether you hire a landscaper or choose to DIY your next project, these 11 front lawn landscaping ideas will boost your curb appeal.  In this article, we’ll cover flower beds, water features, outdoor lighting and much more – […]