The 2018 Community Cultivator Awards

The 2018 Community Cultivator Awards recognize the top gardening blogs of 2018.

Editor’s Note: We would like to give a big thanks to all members of the gardening community! Please keep up the hard work as we enter the new year. Winners of our award may display our Community Cultivator Award badge on your favorite blog post, home page, or however you see fit. If you have any feedback for us, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to us.

Gladwell’s 10,000-Hour Rule states that anyone can become an expert in their field if they dedicate 20 hours of work per week for 10 years.

Certainly, this list of gardening bloggers met and beyond exceeded Gladwell’s Rule. They are leading experts in their fields, or more accurately, their garden beds.

It wasn’t easy, but we scoured the internet to find the 50 best gardening blogs of 2018 to continue reading in 2019.

Gardening Transcends the Garden, And These Bloggers Transcend the Norm

We know that gardening goes beyond our own individual gardens, and that’s what the Community Cultivator Award is all about! Bringing our online gardening community together.

Here’s the deal, there are literally thousands of incredible, hard-working gardeners who share their stories, photos, and expertise with the online community every day, but we couldn’t possibly include them all.

Therefore, our Editorial Team has spent countless hours searching for what we think are the most interesting gardening articles on the internet, and of course the blogs that created them.

Our selection of the top 50 gardening blogs is based on the following criteria:

  • Gardening Expertise
  • Writing Style, Voice, and Tone
  • Cultivating a Gardening Community
  • Authenticity and Quality of Posts
  • Our Favorite Blog Posts

By sharing stories of their successes and failures, these bloggers help keep the online gardening community thriving, and ensure a community for future gardeners.

Best of all, you can help us strengthen the online gardening community by sharing this article with your friends, and leaving your comments below.

But now, let’s find out who the winners are…

Gaia’s Organic Gardens

Author: Carla Weir

Gaia’s Organic Gardens is Carla Weir’s dream blog. She encourages other gardeners to grow their own food and use sustainable living practices, while offering encouragement and advice on how to avoid pesticides and toxins in your garden. If your goal is to have an organic lifestyle and be aware of your environmental impact, Gaia’s will offer you a plethora of advice.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How to Make a Wicking Bed

Urban Gardeners Republic

Author: Urban Gardeners Republic Team

Urban Gardeners has a mission to create 1,000 gardens in 100 cities in the next 5 years. Wow! What a goal! Their goal is to inspire people and provide the knowledge necessary to start these gardens. They want to write DIY posts and build a community of urban gardeners that can help readers locally. That is a mission, and a blog, that most readers can appreciate.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Indoor Herb Garden for Herbs Nerds

Garden Betty

Author: Linda Ly

Linda is the woman behind Garden Betty, and she focuses her blog, growing her own food and using that food for great meals for her family. Her blog also features information on backyard chickens, parenthood, outdoor adventures, and more. Many of these topics fascinate gardeners as well. She offers information for new gardeners and those with more experience.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Boost Your Brainpower: Sniffing Rosemary Can Make You Smarter

Sumo Gardener

Author: Ann Katelyn

Ann, the owner of Sumo Gardener, loves gardening, and her goal for her website is to offer the best guidance for readers. She offers advice for experienced and beginning gardeners; you can find something for everyone on Sumo Gardener!

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How to Level a Bumpy Lawn

The Impatient Gardener

Author: Erin Schanen

If anyone has a passion for gardening, it’s Erin. She is a DIY gardener on 1.3 acre of property. She gardens in southeastern Wisconsin, in zone 5. The Impatient Gardener is all about real-life gardening. You can find the ugly truth and the amazing beauty in her blog. She talks about the funny things and the goof ups – because they happen. At the same time, you’ll find information and inspiration.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Treat your pruners right with a spring spruce-up

Cottage Life

Author: Cottage Life Team

Perhaps you’ve heard of Cottage life before. It is a well-known home and gardening magazine that began in 1988. The Cottage Life blog has agricultural information along with style ideas for your outdoor living spaces. If your goal is to become a master gardener, Cottage Life is for you.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Gorgeous gazebos we’d love to take shelter in this summer


Author: SeedMoney Team

Gardening and cooking experts go hand in hand, and Seed Money offers that. Their goal is to provide financial support for public food garden projects. This is important work, particularly in areas without access to healthy produce. You also can find delicious recipes that utilize the fresh produce grown in the gardens.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Planting Garlic in the Fall

Alaska Master Gardener Blog

Author: Alaska Master Gardener Team

Growing a garden in Alaska isn’t the easiest feat considering the drastically cold temperatures and short growing season. Alaska Master is a place where gardeners can share their knowledge and expertise in Alaska gardening. The gardeners talk about the challenges they face in different parts of the state and how they overcome these challenges. It’s helpful for those who live in this climate and inspirational for those of us who don’t. Plus, the pictures shared are lovely.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Interior Gardeners: Like Ducks to Water

Sustainable Market Farming

Author: Pam Dawling

Pam is the author of two books – Sustainable Market Farming and The Year-Round Hoophouse. On her blog, you can read about her farming at Twin Oaks, her farm for the past 25 years. Her blog gives you an insider’s viewpoint on the happenings of the farm and how they manage the three and half acre gardening space. She offers tons of photos, as well as links and resources to help you along your journey.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Alliums for November: Plant garlic, sow onions in a hoophouse, eat leeks

Homegrown Happiness

Author: Elien Lewis

Ellen, the author behind Home Grown Happiness, lives in New Zealand with her family and garden. Homegrown Happiness is where she shares how she grows as much homegrown and homemade food as possible. Not only does she share gardening tips and advice, like how to use manure in gardens, but she also provides delicious recipes that she makes for her family. Some of the recipes even include awesome videos!

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Healthier Homemade Ginger Beer

The Sunday Gardener

Author: Carol Bartlett

Carol has over 20 years of gardening experience in New England. Her diverse garden includes herbs, wildflowers, and other plant life. The Sunday Gardener is a garden guide with plenty of information for gardeners, on topics such as flowering plants or climbing plants.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Why Deadheading is Important

Keeper of the Home

Author: Ann T.

Keeper of the Home is more than just a gardening blog. It’s a one-stop blog for people who like to live a natural lifestyle. The writers share homemaking and family advice, natural remedies, real food recipes, and ways to reduce the toxins in your household. Many people who garden also are interested in these topics, so it’s a nice mix of encouragement and information.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Teach Your Child to Love Vegetables: Gardening with Children

The Scientific Gardener

Author: Jay

Do you want to grow melons? The Scientific Gardener is a melon master, and he grows everything from cucumbers to Caroselli. The blog provides tips from creating the best soil to how to control diseases on these plants. Chances are you’ve never seen many of the melons that are featured on this blog. It can be quite fascinating, especially because he provides ample pictures!

Our Favorite Post of 2018: The Tondo Tarantino Melone

The No Dig Gardener

Author: Roger Brook

Roger is a gardener addict with years of experience. The No Dig Gardener gives Roger a place to spread his gardening knowledge. What he offers is beyond the basic information for those who are ready to dig deep into gardening. He doesn’t want to recycle information, so what you find here is often fascinating.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Don’t Fluff Up Your Soil

You Grow Girl

Author: Gayla Trail

Gayla Trail started You Grow Girl in 2000, and the blog has continued to grow over the years. It is a space for gardeners and do-it-yourself lovers to learn how to explore growing plants. She offers a different approach to growing plants and enjoys breaking traditional molds.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Tomato Growing Guide

Home Garden Joy

Author: Jeanne Grunert

Jeanne is a Master Gardener from Virginia, and her advice can be found in publications such as Mother Earth News and the Virginia Gardener. She offers expert advice about gardening and organic solutions, as well as a,  peek into her own garden. You can’t help but love the recipes she includes as well!

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Organic Solutions to Control Squash Bugs

A Guide to Northeastern Gardening

Author: Lee Miller

Lee Miller is a well-experienced gardener, and A Guide to Northeastern Gardening gives those who live in this area of the country advice and help. She includes expertly researched articles that include everyday gardening tips as well as advice for those growing rarity plants. If you love her blog, Lee also published two gardening books – A Guide to Northeastern Gardening and Landscape Design Combinations.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Deer Resistant Plants in the Landscape

Fresh Eggs Daily

Author: Lisa Steele

Any chicken owner and lover know the blog Fresh Eggs Daily. Lisa is a master gardener and an herbalist who strives to raise her animals as naturally as possible. She offers practical advice and inspirational pictures that will make you want to go get a whole flock of chickens right now.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Plant an Edible Flower Garden for Your Chickens

Miss Smarty Plants

Author: Keri Byum

If the name of this blog doesn’t make you smile, the information that author, Keri, gives to her readers sure will! Keri is a Florida expert in gardening, and she works as a horticulture expert for a large theme park in Orlando. Miss Smart Plants provides easy-to-follow advice for gardening, as well as lawn care! All of the images on her site are her own, which really helps you connect to the articles she writes.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How to Help Your Lawn Look Its Best This Summer

Red Dirt Ramblings

Author: Dee Nash

Dee Nash, an Oklahoma native, has an eye towards color and a passion for gardening. Red Dirt Ramblings offers guides for different plants and gardening techniques. Her articles are made even more enjoyable by the gorgeous pictures she includes of her gardens and plants.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Best Summer Plants for Containers

The 104 Homestead

Author: Jessica Lane

Jessica Lane is the author behind The 104 Homestead, and she is on a journey to learn how to become self-sufficient. On her blog, you can find new and traditional methods of homesteading. You can use these methods and advice to help start your self-sufficient homestead, even if you live in the city.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Composting Guide for Beginners

Urban Veg Patch

Author: Caro Shrives

Caro Shrives is an outdoor adventurer and a home cook who watched her grandparents in their gardens as she grew up. Her childhood encouraged her to begin her own garden. Urban Veg Patch is where you can learn about the food-growing process and see the process. You learn how to grow the veggies and then how to use them in the kitchen.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Timely Tips for a Heatwave Garden

Floret Flowers

Author: Erin Benzakein

Chris and Erin Benzakein are the brainchildren behind Floret Flowers. They run a small flower farm that will take your breath away with their inspiring colors. The Benzakeins won the 2014 Martha Stewart America Made award.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: “Other” Fun Fall Bulbs

One Green Planet

Author: One Green Planet Team

As you might imagine from the name of the blog, One Green Plant focuses on compassion for the environment. One of the goals of One Green Plant is to help homeowners understand how to avoid water waste and pollution of the natural surroundings. The gardening advice offered on this blog is eco-friendly and “green.”

Our Favorite Post of 2018: An Overview of Square-Foot Gardening: How to Do It and Why You Should

The Patient Gardener

Author: Helen Johnstone

If you love gardening, The Patient Gardener will feed your soul. Helen, the blog’s founder, works outside of the home, but she uses this blog as a way to pen her own personal notes from her garden. Best of all, Helen offers solid tips and advice about seasonal gardening.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: End of the Month View – October 2018

Toronto Gardens

Author: Helen and Sarah

Living in such a cold climate means that growing plants, particularly flowers and veggies. Toronto Garden features two writers – Sarah and Helen. Both are witty and produce high-quality gardening advice. If you live in such a cold climate, Toronto Gardens will help you learn how to ensure your garden survives in such cold temperatures. It’s a good read!

Our Favorite Post of 2018: On Ants, Aphids, and Mutualism

Dig, Grow, Compost, Blog

Author: Jean McWeeney

Jean is a biology major from the University of Texas, and she has a love and fascination for gardening. She is a full-time “Natural Garden Coach, helping others have their dream garden. Her blog is worth reading especially with her 40 years of experience!

Our Favorite Post of 2018: What is it about Austin Gardens?

Premeditated Leftovers

Author: Alea Milham

Alea Milham shares her love for cooking and living intentionally on her blog She shows readers how to save time and money, allowing them to have more resources to devote elsewhere. She shows readers how to grow vegetables at home, and shows them delicious recipes for the veggies!

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How to Prepare Your Flower Beds in the Fall for Next Spring

The Unconventional Gardener

Author: Emma Cooper

Emma loves edible and useful plants, and The Unconventional Gardener is where she puts all of her information that she knows. Emma has a lot of background knowledge, so you will learn plenty by reading her articles. You will learn how to protect your crops from pests, but you may also journey with Emma to some different parts of the country.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: The Elephant (Hawk Moth) In the Garden

The Garden of Eaden

Author: Simon Eade

The Garden of Eaden began in 2008, and it’s a leading gardening blog in the UK. The Garden of Eaden has been listed as one of the top gardening blogs to follow on multiple plubications. Simon Eade is the mastermind behind all of the fantastic gardening advice you can read here. You’ll find plenty of how-to posts on this website, from how to start plants from seeds to how to grow a mandarin orange tree from seed.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Growing Your Own Food From Seed

The Garden Diaries

Author: Claire Jones

Claire, the writer behind The Garden Diaries, has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Style Magazine. Her blog focuses on her passion as a garden designer. She also offers insight on how-to gardening posts and beloved fairy gardens. In fact, some of her designs have been featured on Houzz!

Our Favorite Post of 2018: DIY Birdseed Ornaments

Rusty Duck

Author: Jessica Wood

The Rusty Duck follows the author, who decided to move to a simpler life in the country. They purchased a cottage that needs to be updated and a garden. It’s a fascinating blog where you can also see their wanderings and places that they visit.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: The First Day of Spring

The Middle-Sized Garden

Author: Alexandra Campbell

Is your garden a bigger than a courtyard but smaller than an acre? Then the Middle-Sized Garden blog is for you! The author, Alexandra Campbell, covers everything from composting, gardening books, and garden decorations. Her blog focuses on showing readers how to save time, money, and effort in their middle-sized garden. She wants to make your life easier, and we think that’s pretty awesome.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: The 25 Best Self-Seeding Plants to Save You Time and Money

The Small Town Gardener

Author: Marianne Willburn

We love The Small Town Gardener and her insights into gardening. You can find posts about whether or not you should clean up your fall garden and if weeding during the winter is a good idea. Marianne Willburn, the author, talks about her favorite plants and the maintenance required in her garden. Her pictures are inspirational and lovely!

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Growing a Beautiful, Not Just Edible, Vegetable Garden

The Urban Gardener

Author: Sunita Mohan

Sunita Mohan, the author behind The Urban Gardener, covers a lot of flowers and ornamental gardening that readers value. Her pictures are lovely, and her blog has won several awards such as the Best Asian Blog and The Best Garden for Wildlife Blog. You’ll love all of her insights!

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Choices for a Gardener

Natural Gardening

Author: Lisa K. Wagner

Lisa Wagner is the writer behind Natural Gardening, and her blog covers three gardens in different locations – Quebec, North Carolina, and South Carolina. She focuses on planting native plants that are homes to birds and insects from the regions. Most of her posts are small segments that may cover something she is thinking about that day or a recipe she found for the day. All of her posts have lovely photos that might be from her walk in one of her gardens or preparing for the gardening season ahead.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Weeding Overgrown Beds

The Citrus Guy

Author: Darren Sheriff

Darren Sheriff, a Master Gardener, uses The Citrus Guy blog to teach and educate his readers about gardening. He talks about growing citrus fruits, ordering seeds, and taking care of his native plants. Darren recently wrote a new book too, so if you love his blog, check out his book!

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Citrus Freeze Damage and What You Should or Should Not Do

Shawna Coronado

Author: Shawna Coronado

Shawna is a wellness lifestyle advocate who is a photographer and author. Her blog covers a multitude of topics from healthy recipes and travel, along with gardening. Most of her gardening posts a simple how-to blogs that her readers find helpful, like how to get rid of Japanese beetles and how to grow a shade vegetable garden.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Best Chocolate Avocado Smoothie Recipe


Author: Luke Marion

MIgardener is the brainchild of Luke Marion, where he focuses on giving great gardening advice along with top gardening products. He sells non-GMO seeds and fertilizers, along with other items. The blog is an awesome source of information, like how to use grow bags and gardening with dogs.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Garden Barefoot with These 5 Amazing Living Ground Covers

The Dirt Diaries

Author: Lynn Hunt

Lynn Hunt loves gardening, in particular, he loves roses. Her blog focuses on her garden outside of her North Carolina cottage, which has a lot of roses. She loves roses so much she is called The Rose Whisperer, and she is an award-winning writer. Lynn doesn’t write posts too often, but when she does, they’re eloquently written with lovely pictures and plenty of inspiration.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Birds I Have Known

Gardening Wizards

Author: Gardening Wizards Team

Gardening Wizards cover a variety of topics, and they offer several buying guides. Looking for the best bug zapper or the best electric log splitter? They have a guide to help you with thoroughly written reviews for the best products. You’ll also find plenty of how-to posts like how to grow turmeric and how to grow a yield of potatoes!

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How Long Does It Take to Grow Potatoes

Garden Collage

Author: Garden Collage Team

If you like to look at pictures of beautiful gardens, Garden Collage is for you. Take a peek at some gardens in Paris or stroll through a New York Botanical Garden. The authors take you around the world to see different gardens and gain inspiration.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How to Use Face Oils

Garden Reviewers

Author: Garden Reviewers Team

Garden Reviewers has an abundance of posts from buying guides to gardening infographics. They offer articles like The Best Wheelbarrow of 219 and tips for winterizing your lawn. You can find creative gardening ideas or how to create a pet-friendly garden. So, the Garden Reviewers is a place to check for a variety of information and posts.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Health Tips for Those People Who Love to Garden and Work around the House

Mother 2 Mother

Author: Rhonda Gales

Rhonda is the mother behind Mother 2 Mother and she really blogs about everything from adult education and parenting tips to recipes and gardening. Mothers can truly relate to her blog since it’s a collection of things we do every day. We love her gardening category because it includes a bit of everything like gardening projects for kids and how to clean up a fall garden. Rhona has a bunch of goodies for her readers!

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How to Start a Sweet Potato Vine from a Cutting

Gardening Know How Blog

Author: Gardening Know How Team

Gardening Know How offers tips for all gardeners, whether you grow herbs, vegetables, or native plants. You can find something useful on this blog. They share posts like The Best Greenhouses and the Top 5 Orchids. Gardening Know How shares a lot of how-to posts as well for new and experienced gardeners.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How to Soak Seeds Before Planting and The Reasons for Soaking Seeds

Family Food Garden

Author: Isis Loran

Isis is the main author behind Family Food Garden, and her goal is to grow as much food for her family. She is a modern homesteader. Her blog doesn’t just stop with vegetable gardening. She also includes tips for indoor gardening and flower beds. Isis talks about family life, homesteading, and home remedies. You’ll find great posts like how to grow a year-round garden and a homesteading task list month-by-month.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Cheap Mini Greenhouse for Seed Starting

The Real Farmhouse

Author: The Farmer’s Wife

Are you interested in a farmer’s life? Check out The Real Farmhouse. They share posts like how to grow food for profit and why you should use heirloom seeds. Her posts often are very actionable with tips and tricks you can use and apply now.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: The Perks of Living on a Farm

Epic Gardening

Author: Kevin Espiritu

Kevin, the author behind Epic Gardening, helps thousands of people become expert gardeners. His posts are full of knowledge and tips. Some of his recent posts include things such as how to use cornmeal in the garden and what to feed your worm compost!

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How to Grow Spinach The Right Way

Central Texas Gardener

Author: Linda Lehmusvirta

Central Texas residents should take a look at Central Texas Gardener. It’s full of resources and interesting blog posts. All of the articles are related to what Central Texas residents might experience, such as dealing with drought and picking the right fruit trees for the region.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Lessons from Urban Farmers to Grow in Heat

Savvy Gardening

Author: Savvy Gardening Team

Savvy Gardening has several writers that share their gardening expertise and tips. They have sections on ornamentals, edibles, insects, and more. You can find information about growing tomatoes and different houseplants. They post articles about fertilizers and drying herbs and flowers. It’s a collection of awesome info!

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Shade-Loving Perennial Flowers: 15 Choices

That’s all folks! Once again, thank you to all memebers of the gardening community, featured in this list or not. Let’s keep it up in the new year!

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About Wikilawn

Wikilawn’s mission is to provide the best resources and information to help you enjoy your outdoor spaces the way you want. Whether you are a DIY, lawn-loving, gardening guru, or someone who wants help in picking a local lawn care professional, we can smooth your path to a beautiful backyard!