15 Unusual Flowers of the World

1. Toad Lily (Tricyrtis hirta) Tricyrtis hirta or Toad Lily is native of Japan and belongs to the Liliaceae family. It is a perennial plant and grows in partial sun and shady locations and prefers rich soil. Toad Lily booms in late summer to mid autumn and bears unusual flowers of whitish petals that bear […]

10 Gardening Blogs to Follow

Are you looking for inspiring landscape designs, gardening ideas, tips for greener lawn, finding suitable houseplants, or just seeking gardening advice from experts, follow these gardening blogs to find all you are looking for. Top Gardening Blogs 1. Far Out Flora – http://faroutflora.com/ Gardening blog by Matti and Megan from San Francisco offer a lot […]

6 Flowering Shrubs for Gardens and Landscapes

Flowering shrubs can add dramatic effects to your landscape design and home garden. You can grow and train them according to your requirements – as compact hedges, fences, climbers or just as pruned flowering shrubs growing to provide colorful effect to your landscape design throughout the year. Shrubs are very versatile: evergreen, flowering round the […]

100 Gardening Terms Every Hobbyist Should Know

Air layering: A method of propagating plants that enables plants to grow roots on the stem Alkaline: Having a pH of more than 7 Alpine: Plant suitable to mountainous growing conditions Annuals: Plants that complete their whole lifecycle in one year Apex: The top of the plant Areoles: The soft, cushioned base of the spines […]

10 Amazing Examples of Espalier – Tree Art

Espalier is art of pruning and training trees or shrubs usually against a wall or trellis to form symmetrical and flat geometric shapes.  Training trees into flat, two-dimensional shapes has more value than just decoration of walls and gardens. Espaliered trees are perfect for lawn and gardens with limited space. When grown against walls, they reflect sunlight […]

Refreshing Morning Glory

Morning Glory is one of those charming flowers that inspired me to the hobby of gardening. I so fondly remember a morning glory loaded with purple flowering and covering the entire wall of the backyard of the house where I spent early years of my childhood. Even today, there is nothing more refreshing than colorful […]