Symphoricarpos albus, the Snowberry Shrub

Symphoricarpos is a genus of deciduous shrubs known for their beautiful berry-like white fruit. Originally native to North America, these hardy shrubs can be grown in many different climatic conditions. Most species of Symphoricarpos prefer full to partial sun, average watering and almost any type of soil that does not retain water. From more than […]

Creative DIY Gardening Idea # 22: Vertical Garden

Creative use of air plants for a beautiful vertical garden… Also see: How to Grow Air Plants Buy Air Plants Online

9 Examples of Amazing Vertical Wall Gardens


Evergreen Shrub for Lovely Gardens: Carissa carandas

Carissa carandas is an evergreen shrub from the Indian subcontinent where it grows widely in Pakistan, India and other tropical and sub-tropical plains of the region. The plant has been grown in the entire region for a long time for its fruits which has many medicinal and culinary uses. Besides its fruits, Carissa carandas also […]

Creative DIY Gardening Idea # 20: Landscaping with Succulents
2013: Wonderful World

I see trees of green – red roses too I see em bloom -for me and for you And I think to myself -what a wonderful world.   I see skies of blue – clouds of white Bright blessed days – dark sacred nights And I think to myself – what a wonderful world.   The colors of a rainbow – so pretty […]