8 Best Grass Types for Raleigh, NC

When it comes to grasses that will flourish in Raleigh, you have a lot to choose from. North Carolina is in what’s called the “transition zone,” an area sandwiched between the cold north and warm south. We need grasses that can handle both conditions. There are 8 best grass types for Raleigh that thrive in […]

The 5 Popular Grass Types in Austin, TX

There are a few different grass types for lawns Austin, TX each with their pros and cons. Here are the top choices for Austinites looking for new grass in their lawns: St. Augustine The most popular grass type in Austin is St. Augustine for several reasons. St. Augustine grass grows fast and tolerates shade. It […]

50 Best Gardening Blogs of 2020

It takes more than a green thumb to grow a good garden: usually a lot of blisters, calluses, and dirt under the nails. It also helps to rely on the expertise of others — as long as they really are experts. To make things easier, Wikilawn has plucked the best gardening blogs for you. Our […]

6 Best Grass Types for Tampa, FL

Tampa offers beachside views and aquatic wildlife for locals and tourists to enjoy. You can enjoy a stroll along Bayshore Boulevard, the United States’ longest continuous sidewalk, before enjoying Tampa’s unique cuisine. With all the bounteous emerald greenery of Tampa’s tropical vegetation, you want a lawn that is just as lush and green.  Warm-season grasses […]

Social Distancing in Your Backyard

How a Modern-Day ‘Victory Garden’ Can Help You Through the Coronavirus Pandemic As the coronavirus pandemic progresses, a growing number of state governments are requiring people to stay at home and make only minimal trips to stores for necessities. Besides making sure their households have enough hand soap and sanitizer, people are also trying to […]

Why Lawn Care Is an Essential Service in a Pandemic

Food. Clothing. Shelter. Lawn care. All are essential to well-being. No one questions by the first three, but lawn care? While it might not seem so at first glance, there are good reasons many state and local governments have deemed lawn care is an essential service, even during a pandemic. Public Safety Mother Nature didn’t […]