Guide to Transition Zone Grasses

If you live in the middle region of the U.S., you likely live in what lawn care experts call the transition zone. In the transition zone, both warm-season and cool-season grass types can grow, but they might suffer during their dormant season. This guide will teach you how to plant and grow transition zone grasses […]

The Ideal Lawn Fertilizer Schedule

Fertilizer is like the fuel that your grass requires to thrive, providing it with essential nutrients to keep it alive and healthy. But fertilizer is only effective if you apply it at the right time of year when your grass is able to absorb those nutrients. Follow this ideal lawn fertilizer schedule to maximize the […]

A Guide to Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Organic lawn fertilizers are a natural and sustainable way to nourish your lawn while causing the least environmental harm. These fertilizers give essential nutrients to the soil by utilizing organic materials and natural substances, fostering healthy development and sparkling green grass.  What are Organic Fertilizers? Photo Credit: melGreenFR from Pixabay / Canva Pro / License […]

How to Choose Lawn Fertilizer

Lawn fertilizers are one of the key ingredients for good soil because they supply essential nutrients that encourage the healthy development of your grass. But the challenging part is choosing the right lawn fertilizer that will work well for you. For this purpose, you must investigate your lawn’s nutrient requirements and decide which fertilizer will […]

When and How To Fertilize Your Lawn

Maintaining a healthy, green lawn is a top concern for many homeowners, and fertilization is key to achieving this. Like any living thing, your grass requires nutrients to grow and thrive. Fertilizers are specifically developed to replenish these nutrients. But it’s important to know when and how to fertilize your lawn to make the most […]

How to Get Rid of Bahiagrass

I firmly believe any plant can be considered a weed if it’s growing somewhere it isn’t wanted. This includes even turfgrass like Bahiagrass. Some homeowners adore the low-maintenance needs of Bahiagrass when grown for a lawn, and others absolutely despise it when rogue rhizomes creep out of neighboring pastures into their yards.  If you’re firmly […]