How to Use Weed and Feed for Your Lawn

You cannot create an attractive and healthy lawn just by eliminating weeds. It is also essential to feed your grass the necessary nutrients. Weed and feed products allow you to check both these lawn care tasks off your list in one go. This article will explore how to use weed and feed for your lawn.  […]

Why Weed and Feed is Bad for Your Lawn

Weed and feed is the perfect way to multitask without extra effort. You can zap away weeds and give your grass nourishment at the same time. While that may be true, there are reasons why weed and feed is bad for your lawn. This article presents some of those reasons. Keep reading for information that […]

When to Water the Lawn After Applying Weed and Feed 

Watering your lawn at the correct time interval after applying weed and feed ensures the product actually works. The type of weed and feed used determines the time frame in which the grass should be watered after administering the product. This article covers when to water the lawn after applying weed and feed, depending on […]

How and When to Apply Post-Emergent Herbicides 

Home is where the heart is, not the weeds. But sometimes homeowners end up sharing their space with these annoying plants. Keep reading to find out how and when to apply post-emergent herbicides to give your yard the makeover it deserves. No matter what kind of weed is growing in your yard, there’s a post-emergent […]

How and When to Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicides 

There’s nothing worse to a lawn fanatic than pouring time and effort into caring for your grass, only to find weeds popping out, ruining your lawn. After the money and effort you’ve put into maintaining your yard, no one would blame you for screaming at the top of your lungs at the sight of lawn […]

How to Use Salt to Kill Weeds

Surely there is another way to kill stubborn weeds than using dangerous chemicals or expensive organic herbicides, right? Right. This article discusses how to use salt to kill weeds. It turns out you can get rid of weeds in a way that does not pose a health risk to you and your loved ones. And […]