Ceropegia Woodii

Ceropegia belongs to Apocynaceae family. It has quite unusual leaves and flowers. Ceropegia is often called by interesting names like lantern flower, parasol flower, parachute flower, bushman’s pipe, string of hearts, snake creeper, wine-glass vine, rosary vine, necklace vine and condom flower. The hairy flowers of Ceropegia trap flies are insects that act as pollinators. The […]

Stapelia Gigantea

Stapelias are perennial succulents. It usually makes a bunch of erect, succulent stems of green to reddish, depending on exposure to the sun. The plant in this picture is Steplia Gigantea grown outdoor. Stapelias are usually known for star-shaped flowers. Flowers of certain species like Stapelia Gigantea can grow as big as 41 cm when in […]

Agave Macroacantha

Agave Macroacantha is one of my favorite Agave Plants. It is neat, compact, and stiff. The leaves are usually blue-green with prominent black teeth and very sharp black spine. Agave Macroacantha is quite hardy plant and can withstand drought. It likes full to partial sun and can be grown from seeds and off-shoots though it […]