8 Best Native Plants for South Dakota

If you’ve ever tried to maintain a garden in the Mount Rushmore State, you know that South Dakota’s erratic weather can be both a blessing and a curse. While the hot and sunny summers encourage lush growth, the harsh winter blizzards and unpredictable storms can make it challenging to keep your yard thriving. The solution? […]

8 Drought-Tolerant Landscaping Ideas for Oklahoma

Several parts of Oklahoma are prone to tough periods of drought, especially in northwest counties, such as Cimarron, Texas, and Beaver. If you reside in similarly affected areas, it is vital you design a landscape that can tolerate drought conditions. If not, your yard could require plenty of maintenance and constant spending. So we’ve compiled […]

6 Xeriscaping Ideas for Colorado

When you hear the words “thirst trap,” the first thing you think of is an outdoor space filled with high-maintenance turfgrass and water-guzzling non-native plants. Avoid these pitfalls on your own property by pivoting to a more sustainable, low-maintenance, drought-tolerant landscape. Here, we’ll help you get started with six xeriscaping ideas for your Colorado yard. […]

10 Best Native Plants for Kansas

From the educational exhibits and programs at Great Plains Nature Center to the beaches, hiking, and fishing available at Lake Shawnee, Kansas is home to many places to learn about and enjoy nature. You can continue to enjoy nature and celebrate it by creating a home environment filled with the best native plants for Kansas. […]

8 Milkweeds Native to Virginia

Virginia boasts several native species of milkweed, a humble herbaceous wildflower that attracts pollinators and acts as a vital food source for native pollinators and beloved endangered species, like bees and monarch butterflies. It’s a great idea to plant milkweed for any garden in the Old Dominion – but how can you choose which milkweed […]

8 Best Native Plants for Rhode Island

Rhode Island, with its vibrant cities like Providence and Newport, is a state that prides itself on its rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes. And what better way to celebrate this unique blend of city charm and natural splendor than by adorning your surroundings with the 8 best native plants for Rhode Island?  These extraordinary […]